PRICING GUIDELINES                 




Prices depend on the size of your quilt top, and complexity of the quilting desired. Prices are figured using total square inches and are calculated by multiplying width by length.

There are three price categories (per square inch) of quilting labor:

Simple Basic: 2.5 Cents PSI large Meandering or one basic pattern from edge to edge. Ideal for daily use or children's quilts.

Complex/Pantograph design: 3.0 cents PSI (and up) Smaller, or more complex freehand edge to edge or pantograph designs.

Custom/Interpretive design:4.0 cents PSI (and up) Includes feathers, intricate designs, blocks, borders, small stippling, stitch in the ditch or 1/4 inch lines, trapunto, custom pantographs, combination designs, custom fit to your quilt. (The really fun stuff!)

Actual charges will be figured using your actual quilt measurements. Minimum labor charge $50

Example: A wall hanging or baby quilt is 52 inches square. 52 x 52 = 2704 Square inches.

Simple Basic:2704 x .025 = $67.60 (minimum is $50)

Complex/Pantograph:2704 x .03 = $81.12

Custom/Interpretive2704 x .04 = $108.16



You may provide your own batting or backing, or purchase it from me. Prices will vary depending upon your choices.

IMPORTANT NOTE Backing must be trimmed to square!! Both your batting and backing MUST be 3 to 4 inches larger than your quilt top, on ALL FOUR SIDES. This is necessary in order to attach your quilt to the frame, and so you don't run out of batting and backing.


80 cents per bobbin used.
Specialty threads are $1 bobbin.

Other Services

Binding- Half Binding- 20 cents per linear inch (you finish by hand)
Machine Finished- 35 cents per linear inch
Complete binding- 40 cents per linear inch (hand finished)
Custom Piecing- Prices depend on the pattern chosen and the time involved.
All services and supplies are subject to
6% Florida State Sales Tax
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